Friday, July 6, 2012

Kids #2 Tangan Api & Air

With My Year 1 kids, we learn about parts of body (yes...i'm going very2 slow with the syllabus thanks to my softball trainings ^_^ Sorry kids, but at least you learn quickly on the way to ask permission when you need to use the toilet in English kan? although you don't know how to speak English. You also learn that you should wash your hands after using the toilet, kan? Teacher BB yg ajar kan? *Proud moment jap, heee...*)

Anyway, the kids were doing exercise in the activity book and then it's coloring time...!! Yeaahhhh!! yeeeeaahh...!! yeeeaaahhh!! (dats how the kids will exclaimed when they're excited)
One boy coloured the hand red. Me shocked laa..

Teacher: Fuiyyyoooo....tangan die warna merah!! (in attempt to critized the child's work. jahat kan teacher. hihihi... ;P)
Boy : ~gave his cutest smile~
Teacher : Tangan die merah, boleh kluar api ye?
Boy : Ha'ah... Api kluar kat tangan dia, cikgu...
Teacher : (dalam hati - budak ni stuju pulak idea aku eheh..) Lagi sebelah keluar ape? Air?
Boy : Ha'ah
Teacher : (Good job teacher for suggesting such a ridiculous idea.. -_- huh, ikut je laaa...) Air warna apa pulak?
Boy : Biru... Cikgu, tangan die keluar air...

And then, there you have it. One hand red and the other blue. All thanks to my wonderful ridiculous idea.. Huhuhu... 

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