Monday, July 23, 2012

Ramadhan routine


Ramadhan is in...!! Wehuuu... If last year, i had a company during breaking fast, this year, since i moved to a new house, I'll be breaking my fast alone... (sob..sob..)

Apepun, life goes on.... This Ramadhan, I have a mission. My mission is to drink a lot of water after break fast. 

As we know, our body lose water. Since we can't drink water during the day, we need to drink lots of water at night to replace the water that we lost. Water is very important to flush out all the toxic that's in our body. It also helps our metabolism... So DRINK up!!

I have a habit and it's not a good one. I don't like to drink from a cup. I prefer to drink from bottles... Orang melayu kate, gogok je! (I have lots of water bottles....!!!)

I like to drink from these kind of bottles. 

Hahaha... well, if it helps me to drink water, then i don't mind. Plus it helps me to calculate the how much water i have drank... =)

So lets make it a habit to drink lots of water, yah!!

P/s- If drinking lots of water lead to going to the loo often, don't mind it. It means your body flushing out lots of bad toxins. Ain't that a good thing??

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