Monday, February 16, 2015


Itsy bitsy spider went up the babysbreath blog...
All around it went...
And left lots of spider webs...
(sila nyanyi dengan tune Itsy Bitsy Spider)

Hoiiiii!!!! Bersarang lelabah blog aku!! Busier than ever aku nih... (Busy main game.. wahahaha)
I actually have lots of things to talk about but somehow it doesn't convey through blog writing. I had wrote several posts but somehow in the mid of it I went.. huh, its not good enough. Takmo publish ah... And thus, it leads to sarang lelabah kat blog.

Hadoi..ape nak jadi. My life is soooooooooo boring. Tak macam blogger yang lain.. Ade je interesting things to talk about. I don't go out much so there's nothing much to talk about. Kekeke... Alasan.....!!

Weih, aku nak pegi jenjalan tapi sape nak ikut aku? Aku nak pergi pulau, aku nak pegi Sabah, aku nak pegi banyak tempat tapi...................... aku sorang je ke? Tak best oh jenjalan sorang2. Seram pun ade gak..

Sapa nak bawa aku jenjalan sila angkat tangan!!!

*I'm writing this in random so please excuse the no-flow of points between paragraphs.. I'm a lil crazy tonight... Please excuse my sewelness.. Wuhuu..lets do the Hawaiian dance... Hula..hula..

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