Thursday, June 7, 2012


I miss my BRACES!! I got my braces off almost a year ago. To be exact on 25th June 2011, my upper braces was removed and on 16th July I got the below ones removed. So on 16th July I was braces-free!! Yippie... Hehehe... But now, I miss wearing braces. Nak pakai balik boleh tak? ~otak kate: boleh. sediakan je rm2000.~ Hua, hua..! :'(

Shahir~ He wore braces, then had it remove. After a while, i realised that he wears it again. Kenapakah? Nak jugak!! He's one of the reasons why i wanted to wear braces again. I miss them!! :'(

I miss the cuteness of wearing braces... (cute ke? perasan lebey ;-P)
I miss the feeling of having 'something' in my mouth (totally illogical ;p)
I miss the students' stare at my braces (hahahah!!)

What I don't miss 
- when food got stuck between the braces
- the pain when the dentist changed the band. (sakit wooo...)
- the inability to bite an apple, a pear and the same fruit species (unless if they are sliced)

Not many of my friends realised that I wore braces. So they didn't even notice the difference in my teeth when we met after a LOOOONG time. 

Tada... Kalau nak tau, inila nama2 parts of the braces. I had all of them except for the coil. Elastic power chain tu yang paling sakit tp kalau pakai yang tu memang cepat gigi tersusun. Elastic tie tu pun sakit gak but it can be handle. Steel Tie diletakkan bile gigi da tersusun tapi masih ade gigi yang perlukan pergerakan. More like to let the teeth stay on it's place while the others still need work. (Do you get the idea? ;-] Hard to explain...) When you get your teeth 'done', the dentist will cut the long wire short from time to time as the teeth start to move to its intended position.

Nowadays, there are more people started to wear braces. Even those (who I think) have good  teeth. Well, in my case, lets just say that i cannot smile and show my teeth because it's too embarrasing (my friends teased me a lot for my teeth. Grrrr.... :-( ) and for health reasons.

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