Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cheezy Cheese

Today I went to the supermarket to get several items for my chicken burger recipe. It includes bread crumbs, chicken fillet & CHEESE... I have never bought grated cheese before. I usually use the already-sliced cheddar cheese. Yang sekeping-sekeping dalam plastic. (Coz it's cheaper)

So today i went and buy the grated ones. I stood in front of the dairy product section for quite some time. Examining each cheese. What am I looking for? The 'Halal' sign. Do you know that there are also non-halal cheese? It's not that they have pig-product. It's just that when they make cheese, they include an enzyme from animal (like fat or something, usually from cow or goat. Coz they make cheese from cow & goat milk) to make it 'hard' (tak cair). I learn this from Majalah 3. (Malaysia do have our own cheese but I never find one. Hmmm...)  From M3, they told that most of the cheese from outside are non-halal. Surprise, surprise.. Kite ingat semua cheese pun halal, kan?

As I stood at the cheese section, i took the cheese one by one and as I predicted, most of them don't have the 'HALAL' sign. But fortunately, i found TWO with HALAL sign. =)

Halal sign. Punye la kecik!!

Tanda halal mcm bykan tanda halal kan? Dalam hati tawakal dan yakin bahawasanya tanda 'Halal' itu membawa erti sesungguhnya ia memang halal. ~Kalau tak yakin jangan beli tau!!~

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