Sunday, April 8, 2012

Nikita Willy-- Ku Tetap Menanti

Earlier I posted a song related to my stupid action that costs me a lot... (Babo...!!) =)

Well, i'm still going through a phase of trying to be redha about it... ( goes on kan?!) I found an interesting song to help me move on... I'm not so sure the interpretation of this song from its owner (the songwriter), but i'd like to interpret it from my own view...

Why i say this song is meaningful to me is's my story..=)
Since that person is gone... I'll be waiting for a better person for me. I believed (my friends had been advising me about believing) that Allah SWT has HIS own plans for me.. I'll wait patiently for that person.  Insya'allah it will be worth it... =)

Ku akan menanti
Meski harus penantian panjang
Ku akan tetap setia menunggumu
Ku tahu kau hanya hanya untukku

Ku tetap menanti...

~ A song i dedicated for that future person.

For that person who is long gone...

Meski dirimu bukan milikku
Namun hatiku tetap untukmu

~I hope my heart does not stay too long for you. I pray that ALLAH will make my heart solely for HIM, HIS PROPHET, MY MUM, MY DAD & MY FAMILY... Amin.... =)

Enjoy the song & lyrics...!

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