Sunday, April 8, 2012

I just don't feel like doing anything...

Bruno Mars' song, The Lazy Song, really describe me TODAY... (except for the part I begitu rajin meng'update' blog. Ekekeke). After wat had happened to me yesterday, I don't feel like doing anything... I just wanna stay in my bed..! Guess wat I did today. Woke up at 6.35 for Subuh prayers (I slept at 10 the night before after a long, hot & tiring day! Tak pernah2 tidur awal.. Hebat2!) I intended to go to the market 2 buy bahan mentah..but i was just not in the mood. My breakfast was kerepek bawang, cloud 9 and milo, which i left in the fridge yesterday.. (Sangat2 takde mood punye pasal...)

I didn't even know what i ate for lunch.. I was really in a sour mood. Cried a little bit, thinking about wat had happened. (NOPE, its not related to any guy) 

The day before i had planned what i wanted to do on Sunday. I'll wake up, wash my clothes, set myself up for market, clean the house, cook lunch, and be really diligent. Unfortunately, due to unfortunate series of events in Saturday, it left me with a really sour mood and emotionally disturbed. 

I stayed in my room (several trips to the kitchen and watch tv for a few hours), not even wanting to open the grill of my house..

Almost dinner time, i remind myself, i need to eat or else i'll fall sick. So i paksa myself to cook.. Ok don't laugh, INSTANT NOODLES. Ohooo...not my feveret food and i seldom cook it. but let me remind you.. SOUR MOOD today... I really don't care laaaa...

Apepun, i made a really rajin INSTANT NOODLES. Not the one which you pour in water, put the noodles and the ingredients in... I put in effort to put in onions, chicken, egg, carrots, cabbagge, green onions (basicly everything that i found in the fridge and that can be put into the pot ~~GRINS) So, not that lazy la kot coz it's not empty noodles.. Ekekeke...

Instant noodles in the pot..!
Mesti korang kate, 'Pergh, tak senonohnye amik gambar dlm periuk lagi' kan? But I thought it looked really nice in the black pot... =) Nope. i didn't eat it from inside the pot... Not THATTT lazy!!

IN in the bowl..
Nah, amikla yang dalam mangkuk punye... =) See how colourful it was...(just to prove i'm not that lazy...walaupun sebenarnya malas.. Opsss silap, x malas, SOUR MOOD je. =D) Let's eat!!

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