Saturday, May 21, 2011

A little of everything

It's been a while since i last update my blog. No internet connection dooohhhh!! Just a few pics to share... A little of everything that happened throughout my hibernation.. ^_^

The road not taken... The route that i always take once in every two to three weeks... 2hours drive... Sometimes in a very careful manner, sometimes not in a very careful manner. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow... 

Working at home... I had to take my work home sometimes. So this is what i do at home. create a mess in d living room, in front of d tv... always d astro remote by my side... Ekekeke...

I also had some of my students at home. They had softball practice outside d school so they had to stay at d teachers' house to save some time. It's also good coz they can study at night. These kids they don't really study at home. 

There's no comfortable bed for them but they don't mind. Fuhh...glad to have these kids. They're so used to discomfort, they don't say anything about having to sleep this way. Letting them watch d tv after studying. Chibi maruko-chan.

It's not easy to get these kids to sleep. If you let them watch the TV, they won't sleep all night. They'll be chit chatting through out d night. I have to force them to sleep by turning the tv & lights off. They wake up very early tooo...!!

Honey dew Ice cream.... Had this when i went for a wedding with my parents... Nice..!! Very refreshing.. I almost bought another one but was able to resist myself. Heheheh...!!

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