Monday, August 23, 2010

The 4x4 challenge begins!!!

Today is the first day I drive Kembara to school!! Haahaa. It was quite frightening . It was quite bumpy too. I broke into sweat when we almost arrive at school. I need to be more relax or we might be in an accident. Must not be too tense. Must be cool!! Hihi...  

I thought my first time drivong will be difficult. It was easier than I thought. However towards the end I got a little panicky and in result my driving was really bumpy. Lesson learn ---> DON’T PANICK!!! Always stay calm. For the sweating part, we need to figure something out as well. Why in the world did I broke into sweat!!!

As usual, today we brought along our two bodyguards. For just today la… kesian. Nnt kena bangun awal pagi. Kekeke!! They were ridicilously noisy at the back. Whining how it was a bumpy journey and that they’ll be having backache la, stomachache la. I remember my first time… I had a headache and I felt like vomiting. After afew weeks, I got used to it. Just like riding on a motorcycle, my knee hurts at first. But during the second week I got used to it. Hoping our journey back will not as bumpy as our journey to school

My year 1, as usual, very active. When I entered the class, evryone ignored me. Perghhh!! But I just kept quite until they realised that I was there and went back to their seat. As easy I got annoyed by their behaviour, I also easily got entertained by their cheekiness. As we were learning about clothes, I drew a belt and asked them what it was. One of them answered “pinggang!!”. Ok la…almost correct. “ Ape pinggang?” I asked. “PANJANG PINGGANG!!!” I chuckled as I heard the answer. Panjang pinggang la pulak…. Tali pinggang la.

I have the habit of sitting at student’s table instead of teacher’s when in Year 1. As a result, whenever the next teacher comes in, I would be ‘lost’ among the kids. He can’t see me. Sometimes it’s really funny.

Apepun, sat g nak bawa trun keta plak.  Moga dijauhi dari kemalangan. Aminnnn… 

Berjaya drive turun dengan baik. YEAYYYY for me!!!


  1. shy...catch some pic la of ur journey

  2. it's really boring la... left&right just trees... :)


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