Monday, March 18, 2013

Kat rumah pun macam tu ke?

Agaknya apa gaya budak2 murid ni kat rumah ye?

Kat sekolah mereka merayu-rayu. Da cakap NO banyak kali pun stil merayu-rayu lagi. Hilang kesabaran sungguh dengan budak begini. So, kat rumah pun macam tu ke? Kalau tak dapat something dari parents diaorang akan merayu-rayu? In the end parents have to give in? Macam tu kah?

Kat sekolah, murid2 selamba je potong percakapan cikgu walhal cikgu tangah bercakap... Dekat rumah pun macam tu ke? Bile parents tengah bercakap dalam sesi org2 tua, budak boleh menyampuk tiba2? Huiyooo...aku igt lagi dulu aku menyampuk org tua tgh bercakap terus mak aku marah... Sampai skrg aku tak berani menyampuk tak kisah la sapa yg tgh bercakap. Parents sekarang tak tegur anak diaorang ye? Aku da banyak kali tegur budak2 tu, bile aku tengah bercakap dgn org lain jgn menyampuk. sabar and wait for your turn to speak. Tapi..........huh, x makan saman.   

Adakah budak2 sekarang sangat attention seeker? Nak sangat teacher layan dioarg and listen to every word they want to say. Teacher tengah mengamuk pun boleh simply dtg depan2 simply to ask to fix their tie. WHAAAT?? Their parents ni terlalu manjakan mereka kah? It's ok for them to do anything...

And another thing, they don't mind forgetting their book or homework. When something like this happen (which usually most of the time) I had to give a lengthy lecture about they're the one at loss when they don't do their homework. They're the ones who will not be clever, bla, bla, bla... Sometimes I felt it was a bit cruel to say that they are not going to be clever if they neglect these works BUT isn't that the reality?

Parents are allowed to complained about teacher. So, may I complain to them about their children? Pleassseee... I would really LOVE to do that. Such a pain in the ***.

Kids nowadays are so different than us kan? Are they spoilt?

This kind of kids make me think about my career path. Do you know, my colleagues wanted to retire early coz they can't stand the kids nowadays. I can't stand it either and I still have years to go...! 

I wonder how I will go through this situation...? Should I have a career change? I never thought I would think of something like this.

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