Thursday, December 6, 2012

Yeah...we rock!!

We girls can eat... Me and my girlfriends & a girlfriend's-lil-brother went to watch Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 a week ago... (Uuuu....Jacob!! o_O ) The movie was not like what's in the book... (SPOILER ALERT!!! --- My favourite part of the movie was when Bella, Alice & one of the warewolves killed Jane... Wuhhuuuu!! Jane was really cocky with her special power kan, nah!! rasakan!! Muahahaha!!) 

After the splendid movie, we went to eat steamboat&grilled. And we eat like monsters!! Who says we ladies cannot eat??!! Licinnnnnnnnn.......!! (One of the reasons was because there a sign that says ----100g=RM10 --- Kalau ade lebih makanan kene denda. Dengan gembira (dan bersusah-payahnye ;P ) kami pun menghabiskan makanan. 

Miss Emme kusyuk meng'grill' meat

Miss Maya dan BBnye berehat seketika...

Our dessert yang sedap & licin dimakan kami!!

Our end product!!
Who says girls can't eat. Girls CAN eat...!! 
Apepun...Last Saturday memang TERBAEK....!!!  

Kawan-kawan, lets do this again!! =)

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