Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Food addiction

I'm a food addict... I loveeeeeee to eat... but i need to be careful coz I don't have the slim figure most girls have. (sob...sob...) There are so many food that I wanted to try.

Once there was the Tutti Frutti season and everyone was talking about TF. So i wanted to try it as well. I don't wanna miss the fun... and I did. With two bestest friends, Emme & Maya.

Our Tutti Frutti experience... Yummeh!!

Other food that I wanted to try but haven't tried yet...

BR ni sangat mahal kot!! Tapi nak try jugak... =)

Okonomiyaki = Japanese pancake!! Emme-chan, jom!! ;P

Dukbokki ~ Apsal org korea suka bebenor mknn ni. Nak rasa jugak...

Always and forever will be food that i like...

It seems that saya dan ais-krim tak dapat dipisahkan. Patut la badan comey je!! =P

Chicken chop...!!!

Takoyaki ~Hoho, ini memang feveret!!! Apsal kat Aeon 3 ketul je? bagi la lebih skit, tp rege yg same. ;P

Coffee!!! I memang giler addicted to coffee! Yummeh!!

The pictures amik dr MR Google. Daisuki..!!

Agak2 ape lagi yang boleh direkomen utk cube ye?

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