Friday, June 1, 2012

Guilty pleasure...

Yesterday I went SHOPPING!!! Muahaha...(gelak evil) Yes, I went shopping, but i went shopping for books. I went to my favourite place for book-shopping, BookXcess @ Amcorp Mall, PJ with my dad (my tourist guide). Nak pi sana, mak aih...!! Jem sana-sini. Tu yang malas nak p sana tu. I practically went there once a year. Hahaha... So everytime i go there, I went CRAZY!! There's a lot of cheap books!! That's one of the reason why I like it there. CHEAP books, babeh!!

Reading is my guilty pleasure. Other girls guilty pleasure would be shoes, clothes, scarves, make-up, etc. but not me. Since i was young, I love reading. I have tons of books! (and I have no idea where to put my books..) My favourite author for now is Tess Gerritsen. She writes thriller books. (I love thriller genre.) For now, I'm trying read books from different authors. Most of my books are thriller books. I have only several non-thriller books. (Hahaha...bought it because we need those books for literature class-Midnight summer's dream, Pride & Prejudice, apetah lagi, x igt) When i was younger i read books by R.L. Stine but when i grew out of it. I need a more serious genre books. I also enjoyed reading Harry Potter series and twilight series.

Anyway, back to BookXcess, I bought 6 books. Yes SIX books. (borong, borong!!) Let me remind you, it's very cheap...

You can see there, that there's of course books from my fave author, Tess Gerritsen. There's also from John Grisham and another 3 books are from authors who are new to me. There's also a romance book, Me & Mr Darcy. (hahahah... i rasa nak gelak sebab beli buku romance, tapi sekali sekala kena tukar angin gak kan... Plus it's staff pick, or was it best seller?)

This book by John Grisham was originally RM61.80, but BookXcess sold it at only RM17.90. Very, very cheap. That's why i love book shopping at BookXcess. Most books range about RM17.90. Super-duper CHEAP. Me likey!! =)

Now, me nak pergi baca buku yang baru dibeli... See yaa!! =)

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