Saturday, May 26, 2012

It's holiday...!!

It's holidays and I'm back at my parents' house. Alhamdulillah... Seronok okay!! When I'm home i'm like a kid. Jumping around... jiggling here and there... This is serious. No joke.. I love being home surrounded by my love ones. It's soooo lonely back in Sungkai. Especially with no housemate. (and no BF. Hahaha!! ROFL! Who cares if i have a BF or not, do you? nobody even reading this kotttt.... =D)

Bottom line is... I'm sooo glad to be HOME.. =)

P/S: I wanna get a kitty to accompany me, can ahhh? But i'm scared that the cat will be neglected due to my busy-ness (& extreme laziness) hehehe...! Kitty, can you pls feed urself when i'm busy and flush after you poop? =)

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