Wednesday, November 23, 2011


A few days ago my mind was bugged by this topic, Jodoh. Not to mention my mom is bugging me as well about this. Truthfully, i cannot say anything about it. Who will I be with, I cannot tell. I leave it all to Allah SWT.

I also have been really frustrated this few days over several things that is related to this issue/topic. I pray to Allah SWT to give me some clue, give me a peace of mind and strength for me to carry on. I 'Google'ed up about this issue and I came upon a very interesting article at a blog by Che Ahmad. The source is from iLuvIslam.

Please do take some time to read it if you are not sure about your jodoh or like me, thinking & wondering about it.

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  1. don't compare thee to a summer's day..thou art more lovely and temperate ! :)


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