Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Patut ke tak patut?

Bersurfing kat my favourite blogshop site... Dok belek2 gambar beg dgn baju yg comey2. Tiba2... jeng, jeng jeng.....

Jumpa satu beg yg cun... (takdela cun sgt..) It's just dat it's a sling bag and I always fine sling bag very easy to carry around. (My old time favourite bag would be a backpack. The one school kids always carry around when they go to school. I still used one until now.... Okay you can laugh out loud...)

I'm still thinking whether i should buy the bag or shouldn't I buy the bag.... Going into deep thoughts about the money in my bank account. When it comes to school holidays..... my money go on like a smooooooooth river. Yikessss!!

The bag is quite simple and not even girlish... (me girlish ker?) Nak beli ke tak mo? There are reasons that made me think about buying a new bag.

1. Beg da banyak giler ni tp semua cam kurang comfortable. Wanted to throw them away but it seems like a waste since they're still in good condition.

2. I do need a bag but a bag that's is suitable (?) with my job. The bag above is not suitable for my job but it's suitable for walking around, shopping ;-P

3. My aim is camera and I'm slowly keeping money from one. Ahaha...


1 comment:

  1. Beli..jgn xbeli... babe, ltkla chat box..leh nk sembang2.. hahaha... btw, ur post about secret garden wat other countries view ur blog... hehehe... ^^


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