Friday, November 5, 2010

November comes!!

Ni la board yg simple yg sentiasa di update setiap bulan. Sedikit info about each item
  • Sunflower - made this during KSSR course in SMK Tapah. It's a finger puppet. Really like it!!
  • Card - got this from the Yr 5 kids. I was really touched by their touch. although they're not really ummm...bright but the thought that counts. They're really nice kids...
  • List of j-dramas - hahaha!!! list of dramas yang nak di donlod. but for now my downloading job is in hibernation mode coz i need to clear up my hardisk before adding new drama to my disk. Da banyak sgt dlm hardisk ni... 
  • To do list- takde bende pun. just to remind me some things that i need to do. (Tak ikut pun. hahaha!!!)
  • November - aktiviti bulan ini!!! Wow...penuh gak la. dgn weddings nye masa cuti. kursus lagi... Agak penuh... Awal bulan je, akhir bln kosong jer sbb da CUTI SEKOLAH!!! Yeayyyy!!

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