Sunday, July 4, 2010

Spain vs, Paraguay

Huh..kecewa sungguh tgk game spain & paraguay. Main tak cantik sungguh. Jerman main malam td lg cantik.. Sib baik Spain menang. Kalau tak mmg double kecewa la.
I'm not used to the Spaniards wearing black jerseys. "yes they're not connecting quite well." just answering what d newscaster asking baout the spains. huhu... trully dissapointed...
ooohhhhh....nice safe by Casillas!! Truly a dissapointment by Xabi Alonso. rugi2... kalau tak da dpt da 1-0
Later, will be watching the rerun for dream team feat. Super Junior. wee~~ watching that will make my day!!
It's school day again tomorrow!!

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