Saturday, July 24, 2010

All machines are ready & set to go!!

Just bought a new printer and now I have all the machines necessary for my work!! Now Miss Syahidatul kena la rajin sikit ye. I felt much more calmer (?) after buying the printer. Now I dun have to feel tense every time I need to print a document. I can use the school's printer but sometimes it's easier to have ur own printer where u can work at ur own pace... haa, that's the correct situation for me. Working at my own pace. I ddn't like the fact that sometimes I have to run around between class & settling the documents so that I can print it at home.

I have been scanning pictures for my P&P which one of the many reasons that make me decide to buy a printer. I do have a orinter but it was old. It doesnt have scanner and it's not compatible with my laptop. For my work, I laso have bought new laptop. It is much more easier and faster. Wee~~ for me. It's about time anyway. It is really convenient for me to have all these machines now. I felt relieved!!

What I need now is just a little effort in my work. Need to be little hardworking since I have al the things I needed... Chaiyokk!!!!! (^_^)

Mr Rabbit shoved into the cupboard

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