Saturday, October 11, 2008

Draft1: True Malaysians

If you are a fan of Reader’s Digest, you may have come upon one of their articles about us, Malaysians, being one of the rudest people in maybe East Asia (I forgot the some details, my apology). Many Malaysians have reacted to this “accusation”, saying that the result was irrelevant. Well, for me, I would have to agree with what the Reader’s Digest claim. Malaysians are becoming ruder. Why did I say this? It’s because I have experienced it.
It was finally the beginning of the school break and I was taking the bust back to my hometown. I entered the bus, took my ticket out and checked the seat number. However, the number doesn’t match so I had to wait for the bus driver to sort the problem. While waiting for the bus driver at the front of the bus, a man climbed onto the bus. He had some problem walking. My assumption was the man probably just recovered from a stroke because he had problem to move half part of his body.
After a while, I got my seat and got comfortable. Suddenly, I heard some fuss at the front of the bus. There were to families arguing about the bus seats. One of the families was pretty upset that their seats were taken by someone else. The family that sat in their seats was the sick man’s family. To not get confuse, I will name the first family A and the later B. One of the family A member and his relative protested saying that if he gave family B their seat than everyone would take advantage of them. They insisted that family B to give them their seats.
Then, I heard a female’s voice, “Can you see that he is sick and cannot move properly. Couldn’t you be tolerate?”. But family A refused to listen to their excuses. Suddenly the daughter (family A) butt in in the argument. She was quite young probably just finished her SPM. She said that they should follow the rule and sit in their original seat.
For me, it was rude of that girl to butt in the argument since she was pretty young. Plus, talking like that is unacceptable since she was talking to someone older than her. My parents have raised me up to be someone who respects people who are older than you. Even if s/he is older a year than me. Not only was I taught to respect the elderly, I was also taught to respect everyone. (except if they don’t respect me, sorry but you don’t have my respect). If someone older than you did something unacceptable, you should address them in an orderly manner.
I feel pity for the sick man. He is sick and that’s not the way to treat a sick man. Just thinking of what he felt makes me sad. Luckily, a young lady and man gave their seats to the sick man and his wife (again my assumption) just in front of the seats that they sat.
I felt really disturbed by the girl’s behavior and that is why I agree that Malaysians are rude people. Some may say that it’s a one in a million cases so it does not really give the image of Malaysians. But for me, I cannot tolerate this kind of attitude.


  1. A great issue that you have depicted. I believe Malaysians are full of courtesy and polite actually for the past few years. It is just that the society has changed. My Japanese lecturer who taught us in UUM said that when she came to Malaysia in year 1995, the society here was very polite and courtous to others. She said that people in Malaysia in this new age has turned into rude people. If you want to make it more interesting you may add some reasons why Malaysians are rude nowadays

  2. I agree with you that most of todays youngsters have lost their respect and politeness especially towards the elders. However, I believed that not all of them are like that. To state that Malaysians in general is not really appropriate.

    I agree with Yagami that our Japanese lecturer did state that from her point of view and experiences. However, I also observed and experienced it myself. It happened recently when I was going back to the Institute from home. It happened quite a number of time. I was taking the Rapid Penang bus and some of the teenagers usually offered their seats to the elders and handicapped people. However, they refused it and it hits me to what my Japanese lecturer had said more. In Japan, the elders do not like the youngsters to treat them like they are weak persons. They are actually feel offended when being offered seats. So,I also think that some of them are actually moving towards the Japanese social lifestyle without they realized it.

    I also think that we have to look back at the roots of this problem such as environment, social lifestyle and others.

  3. maybe its true that malaysian are getting ruder now. but maybe their parent raised them to be an outspoken person and it's not rude behaviour for them. but i was agree that our teenager was irrespectful to the elders anymore. maybe u can add some information about how u will handle this matter if the similar incident happen to u or ur family members? nice topic...

  4. interesting topic
    malaysia always proud to say that they are friendly..welcoming people with warm heart. but in the reality you can see the true malaysian people. being rude to elders, reckless drivers and the thing that i hate the most is that they never punctual. one i witnessed a lagy nwho is working in a bank yelled at a old indian woman because she did not come to the counter when her number being called. she was so rude and yell almost at the top of her voice. i could not accept her behavour.
    sometimes, we need to learn from some of the western people who treat elderly far more better than us.

  5. what a recently problem you brought up. nowdays most of the people were raised to become selfish. so thing like this we can expexted always happen.

    but for your writing, you should make your content wider. your tittle is true malysian. so if u just told about this attitude, you will say all malysian are like that. if you want to use the same tittle u should explain also a good value of malysian. if not u like want to say all malysian are bad. this was not good when people from other country read your comment. so please reconsider your tittle

  6. i like your article about the rudeness of Malaysia people nowadays especially young people. you have a high awareness of this matter and it makes me wonder what would be the culture of Malaysian ext generation in the future. i can understand your draft as a whole and it triggers me to comment to your posting. as for me , i believe that at least each of us must have seen this particular 'event' happens in front of our eyes. sometimes we have the opportunity to help the sick old man but most of the time we just can look from far and pray somebody will help the old man. we as a good Malaysian has the responsibility to use our effort as much as possible to help those people and show our politeness to others so that can be a good lesson and sample especially to young kids. i hope u understand what i mean.. don't forget that harassment is also one of the rudeness i think..

  7. its good to see young people like u posted sth abt rudeness that always occur among u all. very long well developed essay...

  8. Just like others, it is a good issue. I love your introduction where you take the statement from a publish magazine which everyone know though you do not state the date for the article. It does grab people’s attention how you carry out your introduction.

    For the first and second paragraph, I could not see the transition between it. Maybe it is just my feeling. But the starting of the second paragraph seemed that it is a new essay writing. That is why I could not see the coherent between the 1st n 2 nd paragraph.

    Besides, you are writing about Malaysian people are the rudest people in East Asia. Maybe here, you need to explain more about the kind of rude that Malaysian people have. For examples is Malaysian tend not to queue up when buying food, throwing thrash everywhere, a reckless driver. Then you can put it before your story. This show how your writing developed from general to specific.

    That’s all. If there the thing that I point up is wrong, please forgive me. I’m still learning after all.

  9. Tahnk you for your comments. Will look into the matters that you have mentioned and try to improved.

    I did not want to write a lengthy post therefore there maybe certain details that are left out.

  10. In regards to onekyh comment about how japanese felt when being treated like their are weak...

    I do not think that we Malaysians are moving towards Japanese lifestyle. Not many knew about Japanese culture. therefore, i think its just that some malaysians are raised to be selfish just like as fahmi has commented.


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